Col said

Each and every tenure of passing time is problem solving.
( Life is meant to be problem solving and you must nourish yourself and your siblings to do problem solving.)

Instead of using ATM each and every time. Try to withdraw the budgeted amount and stick to it for the whole month.

Teri Azmaton se hoon be-khabr
Ye meri nazar ka qasoor hai
Teri rah-guzer pe qadam qadam
kahin arsh hai kahin toor hai
Ye baja k malik-e-do jahan
meri bandagi ka qasoor hai
Ye khata hai meri khata mager
Tera naam bhi tu ghafoor hai
Ye bata k tuj se milon kahan?
Muje Tuj se milna zaroor hai
Kahin dil ki shart na dalna
Abi dil gunahon se mera choor hai
Tu bakhsh de merey sab gunah
Rehman hai tu ghafoor hai

“The sixth sick Sikh’s sixth sheep is sick”
The most difficult sentence to speak according to Guinness Book Of world Record (Try it repeatedly.)

Wise words

Ability can never b hidden
No injury is deeper than insult
The birth of tension is the death of talent
No sound is louder than silence

4 great Ways of living
First, Look Back and Thank ALLAH
2nd, Look Forward and Trust ALLAH
3rd, Look Around and Believe ALLAH
4th, Look With in U and Find ALLAH