Presentation of KK + 12.02.2014

Discuss the future plans of company and roles of clicks

Religion is opium of masses [ discuss Karl Marx theory and what he was thinking while writing it]

Depth of thought

show snaps of alligator, monkey and compare them how thought process is different in them, Alligator goes on instincts , whenever hit the alligator he responds in the same way to byte or grab the attacker.  Where as monkey reacts on thinking and can improve it. Then added snap of Stone age man[ having flowers in his hands and hearts icons on his head)  and shows that man has improved thought process

next future plans were discussed

discuss the subtleties in thinking process [ shows the optical illusion of girl that had a side pose of 20 years and front post of 80 years ] Every thing is of grey and white [subtleties]

Discuss the disruptive technologies

[ Latent demand]  demand in future that is unknown in present

Discuss and a person from every table in the audience  try to explain the thought process of Allama Iqbal when he was writing that poetry.

shows the movie of 1962 when USA president announced to go to moon in next ten years. And in 1969 USa sends his men to moon. How in 1962 he was committed to achieve the goal and set the plans on it.

Give us the example of boxing match of early 80s and how the winner rejects to lose having fall down many times and in the end win it.

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