Speech by KK in genie

Four stages of consciousness:

1 unconsiousness but Incompetence Mean you do not know that you are incompetent dangerous
2 Conciouness but Incompetence You know you are incompetent
3 Conciouness but competence
4 unconsiousness but competence Its an expert level that you do not care that you are competence ; Diriving a car and changing gear or video taps as well.

I to 4 is repeated process. You need to strive and think for new changes. Need to learn from trial and error and keep on learning.

we had a happy Christmas session in the end and it was video by Qasim.

One thought on “Speech by KK in genie

  1. Irfan Munir says:

    HK in a lunch , opposite to MacDonald , main boulevard Gulberg

    need to have tactics to utilize the resources with lesser costs to their best, as one can do a lot with lot of money as USA did to send the man on the moon and send it around 40 years before , when no one can suppose that, by bearing lot of cost.

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